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Henry Wikoff Iguassu Misted Falls Vacation

Henry Wikoff has traveled to over 21 cities over the last 3 decades. He is an expert in Iguassu Misted Falls Vacations with a focus on family activities and fine dining.

Discover Iguassu Falls

Our experiences in Iguassu Falls are many and we would like to share the best of them with you!

This is one of those places everyone should consider visiting at least once in a lifetime for its stunning beauty and greatness. Located in South America on the border between Argentina and Brazil they are considered one of the greatest natural wonders in the world.

When did our love for the place begin?

Our family’s love of Iguassu Falls began many years ago with a love story. . .

In May 1952, Ada and Hector, a young couple on their honeymoon trip, arrived at the Misted Falls after a six day boat ride up the Parana River.

Those two adventurers were my parents.

Back then, small cargo ships were a common mean of travel.

Mom and Dad had arranged their lodging in what was the only available hotel, conveniently located inside the Iguazu National Park and a few steps away from the Iguassu Falls.

The old hotel had the policy of turning the lights out at a “reasonable” hour to save energy and keep the guests disciplined as to the right time to go to bed. The bedroom doors had a sign on them alerting the guests with “lights will be turned off at 10 p.m.”!(my Mom actually doesn’t remember the exact hour).

That was the time when Mom and Dad enjoyed one of their favorite adventures: escaping in the dark to stare the falls to the light of the moon (You can also do this today!).

Mom added some more flavor to their picturesque story confessing it was the first time she ‘dared’ to wear trousers! It wasn’t usual for women to wear them then. Knowing what to wear when coming to Iguassu Falls now is also important.

The ‘Old Hotel’ still stands today for you to see, it’s part of the history of the place. It now functions as hospital and office for the Iguazu National Park Rangers who, by the way, are very friendly and responsible people.

Here’s me in the same old building where my parents stayed more than 50 years ago. Many Heads of State and famous people lodged here during the old times of the Iguassu Falls, a remote and exclusive location only a few had the privilege to visit back then. The Old Hotel opened its doors back in 1923 and was closed in the 1970’s.

Now you can pick from hundreds of available hotels in all price and quality ranges. As residents in the Iguassu Falls area we are periodically lodging and visiting hotels to inform you our opinion.

Things have changed a lot since my parents visited Iguassu Falls, but the most important one did not: The Misted Falls are as striking as ever with their spectacular natural environment intact. Here’s a first glance of what you can expect today…

Even better, now you can enjoy this great place in many ways that were not possible back then. So here is our current account of what we’ve experienced as frequent visitors:

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